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Re: filmscanners: CD from Scanner

Steve Greenbank wrote:
> The music CDs were just one part of the examples. Some of the later music
> CD's are MP3 discs that are standard ISO data discs. I don't think I have
> ever used a RW for an Audio CD. Also the examples of saving data to transfer
> from one computer to another is again data. The main point is I have had
> quite a few problems with CD RW yet even stored in extreme conditions I have
> found CD-Rs reliable - despite the added problem of time sensitivity.
> Steve

There is another element involved in this issue.  Very simply, some CD
player lasers are not tuned to CD-RW dyes.  I only have one CD player at
home which will play CD-RW disks.  All the other don't even acknowledge
a disk being inside the tray.

My CD-ROM drives (I have about 5) vary in how well they will read a
CD-RW, depending on their year of production.  The older models tend to
be difficult with CD-RW disks, even with upgraded software drivers.  The
newer CD-ROM and CD burners tend to read them well.

I do not know if the specific model of CD player you have in your car is
designed to read CD-RW disks, as they use a different frequency or dye
color, so the lasers have to be designed for that use.

That might explain the situation. Maybe?



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