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filmscanners: Guess the Merger Contest

OK, how about a contest, the person that comes up with the best buyer
for Polaroid (and their reason why) gets a free CD copy of "The Learning
Company's" (bought out by Mattel, and a money loser for them ever since)
"Cyber Patrol" from me.  This #1 rated censorship program 
is the perfect software for anyone who would rather have a huge
multinational corporation determine if they should be able to visit a
website or not.

Sorry, offer only good in North America, due to postal considerations. 
No purchase necessary.
Judges' decision final.  Contest ends September 1st, 2001, or if
Polaroid is merged or bought out before then.

Since I already have TWO copies of this marvelous software, and I'm not
eligible to win, I'll give me first suggestion.

I think Kodak should buy out Polaroid.  That way they can gloat at the
fact that even after having to pay Polaroid for copyright infringement
on their instant film, which at the time was the largest court award
ever in such a case, all that money still didn't save Polaroid.

Further, they can re-release their Colorburst cameras and film without
having to worry about further copyright infringement, since they will
then own the rights to Polaroid instant films.

I mean, who the heck needs digital cameras when you have instant film!



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