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RE: filmscanners: SS120 first impressions and a few questions.

Title: RE: filmscanners: SS120 first impressions and a few questions.

Hi Rafe,

It was definitely buggy on my system.  Actually, when it worked it worked well.  When was the problem.  It would often crash for no apparent reason.  Also, it often had problems recognizing that there was a film holder in the scanner and the scanner would only accept a film holder if Nikon Scan were open.  I suppose the last one might not be a bug but I don't see the point if it's a feature. 

My system was built by me but I used quality components (Asus dual PIII motherboard, Adaptec Ultra-160 SCSI card, IBM 80MB/sec hard drives and an Asus video card.) and it has been stable for months.

As for the noise, it's quiet when it's not doing anything.  The only noise is a faint one from the fan.  When it's turned on or actually scanning though it can be quite loud.  It might not truly be any louder than the Nikon (though I think it is) but it's higher pitched.

BTW, you mentioned you live near Boston.  I live in Chelmsford so we could do some comparisons.

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From: rafeb
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Subject: Re: filmscanners: SS120 first impressions and a few questions.

Paul, thanks for (yet another) LS-120 review.

A couple of comments if I may.

Your complaint regarding NikonScan 3.1 being "buggy"
is surprising to me.  I had some initial problems
getting NS installed, but it has not been remotely
buggy since then.  The installation issues turned
out to be due to device conflicts.

Which leads me to suspect that a good number of
reported bugs in NS are in fact due to device
conflicts.  This info is of no use to you at the
moment, but others reading this may care.

Surprising that you say the LS-120 is loud.  My
8000 ED is by far the noisiest film scanner I've
owned.  Hard to imagine the LS-120 being louder.
Do you wear ear protection ? <g>.

Re:  Photoshop Books:

* Photoshop Artistry, by Haynes and Crumpler.
* Real World Photoshop (5 or 6) by Blatner and Fraser
* Professional Photoshop by Dan Margulis

rafe b.


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