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Re: filmscanners: Profiling a Scanner -- Was Polaroid SprintScan120

>> My strong suspicion is that the profiling of ICC Scan will be better than
>> that of Silverfast,

It is and so is CompassProfile Scanner and ColorSynergy, etc. with their
ability to create 16bit precision profiles and pick your own tone
compression technique (not sure about ICCScan). I crated profiles for the
SS4000 and, Nikon LS30 and LS2000 using CompassProfile. I created a new
SS120 profile earlier today using ColorSynery and very nice it is too.
However, all these packages cost $$ and remember IT8 was rolled into the
SilverFast bundle. You could do without it. In fact you could do without
SilverFast and use Insight, but my bets are you'd get real cheesed off with
some of Insights quirks.

> t's a one trick piece of software -- it only profiles scanners.
>> It's up to date, and engineered (I think) by the same folks who designed
>> some of the Gregtag software (or from another big color profilnig company, I
>> can't remember which one).  It should do it's one trick very well, and user
>> reports seem to confirm that it does.

Dan and Franz from ColorBlind fame and all their products are real cool and
quite reasonably priced. I did a review on ICC-DCam for profiling digicams
and it's very good, although slightly more limited in tweakability than the
more expensive packages

Ian Lyons


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