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Re: filmscanners: CD from Scanner

Are you actually expecting to scan to a folder on a CD that you haven't 
burned yet? It sounds like what you're expecting to do.

Scan and output as a NON compressed file format, like TIF or PSD (Photoshop 
file). Scan at a ppi that is larger than your expected usage of the images. 
Save the scans in a folder on your hard drive. Save the raw scans by 
burning a CD of that folder they are saved in. If your objective is to 
archive those raw scans then you are finished. But first, I would suggest 
making a second CD and test them to make sure the pictures open. Then you 
can safely delete the hard drive folder containing those raw scans. There 
are many more issues about what your work flow should be which you will 
discover by following this forum for a while. I use Adaptec's Easy CD 
software also and have never had a problem with it.

But if you're thinking that you can bypass that hard drive folder step, it 
just doesn't work that way.


>I am trying to create CDs from images on my flatbed scanner (Epson 1200U) to
>the CD.  I follow the steps but I am unable to read the result.  I have a
>Dell computer with Windows Me, 256 mg of RAM, a CD ROM bay and a CD RW bay,
>and an Adaptec CD writer system that came with the computer.

Larry Berman




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