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Re: filmscanners: Colormask correction for Kodak EPY 64T (in Vuescan) ?

On 9 Jul 2001, at 0:12, Arthur Entlich wrote:

> I don't know about a specific filter, but basically Tungsten film raises
> the kelvin response of the film about 2500 degrees. Tungsten is about
> 3200 degrees and daylight is about 5500-6000 degrees.  I would think
> that by boosting the yellow channel (actually lowering the blue channel)
> you should be able to resolve most of this problem.  I'd expect any
> image program like photoshop could do this for you.  You might need to
> play with the hue as well to get more accurate color results.

OK, Arthur. Thanks for your advice.

I expected someone to know some color correction coefficients 
depending from the color temperature difference to apply, but it 
seems that every picture taken with different exposure settings will 
have to be corrected manually by try-and-guess method.

Vuescan has the "Restore Colors" option that works nicely on well 
exposed pictures, but not in under or over-exposed ones.

Thanks, anyway.

Christian Tsotras


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