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Re: filmscanners: Nikon LS IV/Nikoscan 3.0

I have to, and will, agree with Art on this one--even though it's fun to 
argue with him, occasionally. ;-)

The main point is that regardless of how *monolithic* sofware companies 
believe themselves to be (Microsoft and Adobe come to mind), and how 
*infallable* some engineers occasionally consider themselves to be (no 
present company included or excluded), the fact remains that it's you and I 
who are "down here in the trenches," working with these machines and this 
software. I'm happy to say that at least a few members on this list are one 
or both of the above, and *do* pay attention. But the vast majority are more 
concerned with their blocks of code and their stock-sharing contracts than 
they are with the users.

Does anyone have any doubts about *why* the tech markets have dropped so 
significantly in the last year? I've bitched about this since I got my first 
computer--"OK, I've learned how to use it--now when are you guys gonna make 
it *useable* for me?" Computing's come a long way since I first started 
bitching, but it ain't there yet. :-(

I remain an Equal Oportunity Cynic, like Art. I should probably make more 
noise when I see a good program (like Vuescan), or good hardware (like 
Dell). But as far as I see it, we users are largely oversupplied, oversold, 
and underserved by the industry. The Industry *does* in fact need a good, 
swift, kick in the butt. :-)

Best regards from the Rust Belt--LRA

>From: Arthur Entlich <artistic@ampsc.com>
>Reply-To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
>To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
>Subject: Re: filmscanners: Nikon LS IV/Nikoscan 3.0
>Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 02:46:40 -0700
>rafeb wrote:
> >
> > At 06:11 AM 7/7/01 -0700, Art Entlich wrote:
> >
> > >You know, some people have had problems with Nikon software... a LOT of
> > >problems.
> >
> > And quite a few have complained about Polaroid's
> > scanner software as well.
> >
> > >Not having their scanner or need for their software...
> >
> > So why add fuel to the fire, Art?
> >
> > rafe b.
>This is a silly comment, Rafe.  I stated a fact.  If you actually
>followed this thread you would know that it evolved from Claudiu's
>frustration with the versions of Nikonscan for a variety of reasons.
>Ray Amos chimed in with a rather aggressive comment defending "his
>software" (Nikonscan) and how Claudiu was somehow lacking in being
>critical of the software, and so Ray offered to "set him straight" about
>My comment, based upon fact, was that Nikon's scanner software has had a
>history of many problems, and that these same problems extended to
>several Nikon peripherals their scanners work with.
>I am continually amazed how defensive some Nikon owners have been and
>continue to be about criticism of Nikon products.  I think this is
>called "compensation" in my text books.  Sort of like people who buy hot
>sports cars and think women will assume certain of their body parts are
>bigger than they really are, as a result. ;-)
>What any of this has to do with Polaroid is beyond me.  Not I, nor
>anyone else in this particular thread has mentioned anything about
>Polaroid, nor was I comparing Nikon's scanner software with any other
>brand.  I simply was stating that Claudiu's perception was not at all
>uncommon amongst people who have used Nikon scanner software and are
>willing to comment about it honestly.
>PS: I'm an equal opportunity cynic BTW, I think the whole industry needs
>a kick in the butt when it comes to scanner software they include with
>their products.  And that fire needs all the fuel added to it that can
>be provided.

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