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Re: filmscanners: PS 6.0 v. PS 5.0 LE v. Jasc Paintshop Pro 7.02

I must be "intellectually challenged."  In spite of all I read about
how easy Elements is to use, I can't seem to find my way to the things
I'd like to learn to do.  I downloaded the sample version, tried it,
said Argh!!! and went back to LE.  I can even find ways to do simple
things (histogram + level adjust) in the trial version of 6.0 (just
like in LE).  I haven't found Elements useful in leading me past that

Am I missing something?  Do I just have to try harder?  The little
I've seen of Paint Shop Pro looks a lot easier to use than Elements.

And, it's just the "high end" that intrigues me.  I have the feeling
that PS 6.0 lets one be the Spielburg of stills.  Is that so?  Or am I
just an idiot?

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001 09:48:02 -0700, you wrote:

>>It's clear, from all the
>>content here, that PS, and in particular PS 6.0, is the Rosetta stone,
>>an essential professional tool for achieving image quality, and
>>uniformity, in publishing. 
>>But what about lower-class people like me?  I'm an amateur, with very
>>modest equipment (an Acer Scanwit 2740S and an Epson 900), very much
>>in the learning mode.  Should I shell out the $500+ bucks, plus the
>learning time, to get a grip on 6.0?  Will 5.0 LE serve me better?
>No need to spend the bucks for the full version of Photoshop, if you 
>don't need the masking and a few of the other high-end features. 
>Adobe has just released Photoshop Elements which has 80% of PS 6's 
>features for only $99. Much better than PS LE. Built-in tutorials and 
>a real manual.


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