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Re: filmscanners: Figuring out size & resolution

Rob wrote:

>FWIW I always scan from the film scanner at full resolution (2700ppi with 
>the LS30) and change the output (ie printed) resolution afterward.  IMO it 
>makes more sense to get the maximum off the film, and then figure out how 
>to scale it afterwards in Photoshop or PSP.

That's always worked for me, too. It doesn't make sense to save pictures at 
full resolution unless you're going to do further work on them (e.g. 
retouching or large prints). The flip side of that coin, of course, is that 
if you've already done the work of scanning, why not save it as scanned? If 
you have ample storage space, there's no reason not to--but given past 
discussions on the fallibility of inexpensive CD-R's, perhaps it would be 
better to save small "thumbnail" files to disc/or HD for reference and the 
large files to CD-R or DVD for later use.

Just a thought. ---LRA
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