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Re: filmscanners: Nikon LS IV/Nikoscan 3.0

Ray Amos wrote:
> Claudiu Falub wrote:
> >
> > Many thanks to all who answered to my request. It seems this is one very
> > effective list. I downloaded the software and hope to solve my nightmare. I
> > really don't understand why a famous company (read Nikon) can produce such a
> > garbage (Nikonscan 3.0) ...
> Claudiu,
> Perhaps you should read your instructions and learn how to use your
> software before you start badmouthing Nikonscan software.  I use it
> quite successfully (I use the latest version 3.1).  So do many others on
> the usergroup.  Actually I have tried Vuescan and Silverfast and like
> the Nikonscan software better.  I have no problems.  Again I suggest you
> learn how to use the software before you slander the entire company.
> More than likely you're problems are with your computer or your lack of
> knowhow.  I do not think my software is "garbage".  I don't like you
> calling it garbage either.  Nothing I can do about that though.  

If you
> live within 100 miles of Greensboro, NC I would be willing to drive to
> your home or office and try to help you solve your problems.

Is that a threat?  Jeez....

You know, some people have had problems with Nikon software... a LOT of

Not having their scanner or need for their software, I'm only responding
based upon hundreds of postings about problems with different versions
of Nikon driver software for their scanners, their filmstrip adapters,
their bulk slide feeder, etc. etc. that I've read of.

Actually, between the two of you, I'd say statistically Claudiu's
comments more accurately represents the sentiment of more Nikon scanner
users regarding their software.

Of course, I'm lucky I can say this, being that I live far away from NC,
and you probably won't send anyone to break my kneecaps.



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