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Re: filmscanners: Nikon LS IV/Nikoscan 3.0

Claudiu is obviously frustrated with his software, and I can understand how
that can happen.  I'm sure that just about everyone on this list knows that
scanner software is notorious for being poorly documented, or buggy, or
substandard in some way.  Most people who buy a film scanner are doing so for
the first time, so every thing is new to them.  And filmscanning is not a
large consumer market, it's very competitive, and the manufacturers seem to
be short changing us on the quality of the software and its documentation in
order to stay competitive and make money.  And when you add in all of the
other frustrations of scanner hardware you can't get repaired, companies that
don't answer e-mail (or even have an e-mail address), companies who don't
have an '800' phone line for support, software that's not compatible with
certain operating systems (or at least not compatible with YOUR particular
operating system), then I can understand how one might feel that the company
that has caused you all of your pain, anguish, and nightmares is producing
'garbage.'  (That doesn't make a person a slanderer, by the way.)  I'd hate
to tell you how many scanner executives I've dreamed about drowning in a warm
bucket of nose drippings.  (That doesn't make me a murderer, by the way.)  
I've managed to solve most of my problems and frustrations, in a small part
due to what I've read on this list.

Claudiu, I don't remember what specific problems you are having, but if
upgrading to 3.1 doesn't help, then you should ask for more help from this
list.  I'm not familiar with Nikon software, so I can't help.  Another option
is to buy VueScan for $40US.  If you have any problems figuring out how to
make VueScan work, just about everyone on this list is an expert with it and
would be willing help.  Don't give up!  Most of the people on this list are
really very nice and extremely helpful.

In a message dated 7/6/2001 3:29:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
hamos@triad.rr.com writes:

Claudiu Falub wrote:
> Many thanks to all who answered to my request. It seems this is one very
> effective list. I downloaded the software and hope to solve my nightmare.
> really don't understand why a famous company (read Nikon) can produce
such a
> garbage (Nikonscan 3.0) ...


Perhaps you should read your instructions and learn how to use your
software before you start badmouthing Nikonscan software.  I use it
quite successfully (I use the latest version 3.1).  So do many others on
the usergroup.  Actually I have tried Vuescan and Silverfast and like
the Nikonscan software better.  I have no problems.  Again I suggest you
learn how to use the software before you slander the entire company.
More than likely you're problems are with your computer or your lack of
knowhow.  I do not think my software is "garbage".  I don't like you
calling it garbage either.  Nothing I can do about that though.  If you
live within 100 miles of Greensboro, NC I would be willing to drive to
your home or office and try to help you solve your problems.

Ray Amos


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