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Re: filmscanners: Where to buy

My experience with eCost.com has been exemplary, and all tolled, they often do come up with the LOWEST cost... however DO KNOW what your TRUE COST will be inclusive of shipping/handling/salestax(if any)..I purchased my Microtek Artixscan 4000T from them  over a year ago..NO problems as far as the transaction went, and I have used them for other items on occasion.......BTW, the Polaroid 120 will probably be my next move...but I'm in no rush...I'm curious to see Minolta's 120 offering due out this Fall......Welcome Aboard!!
      Eddie Wiseman
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Sent: Friday, July 06, 2001 3:03 PM
Subject: filmscanners: Where to buy

I have made up my mind to buy the Polaroid 120.  Maybe I am wrong, but I
survived being in the military in WW II so I will probably survive any errors
in selection here.

I don't know where to buy.  There are many sources.  I have had good luck
with PC Connection, but they want 2795.  The cheapest is ECost.  Are they
reputable.  B & H Photo is 2695.  Any advice?  I am going to stick with the
less software version, because I am a scanning neophyte and don't want total
confusion at first.  Maybe later.

Thanks.  This is a great list.  Either you are all mostly geniuses, or I am
even dumber than I think I am.

Jim Sillars


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