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Re: filmscanners: Stains and Grains (was Yellow Stain)

I also have the yellow stain on my 2720S, but it is seldom a
problem. I have followed the discussion with interest. I
fear it's what we have to put up with in this very good
value downmarket product.

Vuescan shows the problem more than Miraphoto simply because
it's better at recording what's put out by the scanner
(mostly what's on the negative), warts and all. You can
choose in Vuescan how much of that information to throw
away.  You don't get the choice in Miraphoto.

Not long after I started with Vuescan in March 2000, or
thereabouts, I discovered a tramline fault in my Scanwit,
and had it replaced free of charge by the retailers. I
realised the fault had been there all along, but I'd never
noticed it in Miraphoto, and showed them prints to prove it.
If I looked closely at my old Miraphoto results it was
there, but not obvious, having been twiddled almost out of
existence along with lots of other negative detail before I
even started on image adjustment.

So if it's only occasionally a problem, don't worry. You can
got a lot of conventional prints made from your negs for the
difference in cost between the Scanwit and anything else
that's worth having. Some negatives have always been
difficult to print. The mistake occurred at the moment the
button was pressed, not when the scanner was bought.


Alan  T

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From: Frank Nichols <frank@theNichols.net>
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Cc: Jerry Oostrom <Jerry.Oostrom@Alcatel.nl>; Lynn Allen
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Subject: RE: filmscanners: Stains and Grains (was Yellow

> WARNING: The following is a rather long discussion of the
"yellow stain"
> effect seen on ACER Scanwit 2720s reported here a week or
so ago...........


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