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RE: filmscanners: Nikon 8000ED

OK, but to take the mfgrs' side (which I very rarely do), how do you "test" 
a filmscanner prior to shipment? Hell, most people don't know how to work 
them for weeks, and they're really trying!

If a your OEMs are doing their job, all you can do is trust them (or 
threaten to replace them). The stuff they send you, that you assemble into 
your product, either works or it doesn't work.  The standard procedure is to 
test a reliable statistical sampling from the production line--if there are 
failures, you back-stream to find and correct the problems. If there are no 
problems, you pass them on--even though one or two might be total lemons.

The thing that your "Bean Counters" are forgetting (and they shouldn't, 
because "Statistical Evaluation" should certainly have been part of their 
Business College curriculum--as it was *not* in mine), is that there will be 
"X" number of failures on any production line. To catch all of them is not 
possible--never has been, probably won't ever be. To "own up to" the 
failures and correct them quickly without any additional hassle, OTOH, is 
something the "Bean Counters" are refusing to do. This is a problem that 
grows more serious as I write.

All I can suggest to do is buy ony from a dealer who offers a "No Questions" 
refund/return policy, and refuse to buy from any who doesn't. The "Test 
Before You Buy" advice that's glibly given out by magazines who rely on 
advertising is pure crap--no one can learn a complex device or software, 
even fundamentally, in less that 3 days, and 30-90 days is realistic for 
software. At least in the world *I* live in.

I don't know if the Bean-counters will *ever* get the message, though--it 
doesn't seem to be something they can calculate.

Best regards--LRA

>From: "Austin Franklin" <darkroom@ix.netcom.com>
>Reply-To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
>To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
>Subject: RE: filmscanners: Nikon 8000ED
>Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 10:19:08 -0400
> > Apparently there were a few (how many is a FEW?) that shipped
> > with defective
> > CCD's in them.
>That would thoroughly tick me off, since that means they don't test them
>before shipping...and expect YOU to do the QC and testing for THEM!  That 
>not untypical of cheap equipment, but I certainly would not expect it of a
>$3k scanner!

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