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RE: filmscanners: Digicams again was Re: filmscanners: Minolta DiMAGE Scan & Dimage 7 camera

Based on the advances in RAM technology over the past 10 years I am predicting a 1Giga Pixel camera in the not too distant future (5 years or less). The significance of this camera will be a drastic reduction is the required size of lenses by using software digital zooming - this will be driven by your complaint and the relative expsense of these heavy long lenses of today.Note that ten years ago a couple of meg of ram was expensive and "huge" - today I have 1 GB of ram in my PC and it cost me $200 ($US).
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Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 6:56 PM
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Subject: RE: filmscanners: Digicams again was Re: filmscanners: Minolta DiMAGE Scan & Dimage 7 camera

Dan, I don't know how old you are, and what is your tolerance for lugging heavy stuff. However, there is no way I could use a D-1x, or an F-5 and a set of lenses, etc., without pain and suffering. I am not carrying a pocket camera, but my main tool is a Pentax ZX-5N/MZ-5N, with a Sigma 28-105, f:2.8-4 lens. A gadget bag with a fairly light 80-200 zoom, plus film and miscellaneous is the rest of my kit. If I try to carry that stuff on my shoulder, the shoulder and neck start to ache. As part of your search criteria, ask yourself how much weight you will be wanting to lug on a field trip.

At 04:37 PM 06/29/2001, you wrote:
> Right now, I have three film cameras, a bunch of lenses and
> a Nikon LS30 film scanner.  I *don't* have thousands of
> dollars to spend on a digicam.  So I just want to get the
> best out of the gear I have, and that's why I'm here on
> this list. :)

It's a pivotal time, and it makes buying decisions more difficult than ever.
Right now I _don't_ have a bunch of lenses and cameras (well, not entirely
true: I have an M6, Hexar RF, and three Leica M lenses, which is investment
enough, I suppose), but I'm in the market both for an SLR kit (for macro,
telephoto and zoom lenses) and a digital darkroom setup (PC, scanner,
software, printers, etc.).

I figure on spending $10-20k when all is said and done (spaced out over a
period of 2-3 years).  I'm not opposed to spending $3k of that on a very
high quality film scanner, and several thousand for a top-notch SLR and pro
lenses.  But I have to wonder if I wouldn't be better off combining those
expenses and getting a Nikon D1x, or (better still) waiting another few
months to see what Canon and others have to offer.  With the near term
possibility of 6 Megapixel CCDs that are the same size as a 35 mm frame, I
have to wonder if a $3k film scanner is a smart investment right now.



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