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Re: filmscanners: Digital Shortcomings

I agree. I've noticed those commercials also. If it were three years ago 
(or maybe even two) I might have gotten one for family snapshots. Or would 
have at least bought one for my 80 year old father.

Smart use of current technology. Maybe Kodak's not as backward as they lead 
us to believe. After all, they did it before Fuji did....


>Anyone who has been near a TV in the last month or two, at least in North 
>America, has seen the Kodak camera ads which incorporate a digital image 
>recorder AND normal 35mm or APS film.  The system allows you to review the 
>last image (at least) taken by the camera (on film), and if it didn't 
>work, you can shoot again.  This, to me is very innovative and smart use 
>of technology, and not too costly either.  You don't need a lot of memory, 
>as it probably only records the last shot taken.  The idea is not to keep 
>the digital image, so it probably is not in high res either.  It does 
>require a color LCD panel, but those small ones much cost a few bucks 
>these days.  I wish my SLR had a device like that I could add to it, and 
>if it were set up to mimic the basic characteristics of neg and or slide 
>film, it would even reduce some of the need for bracketing.

Larry Berman




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