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filmscanners: Can the HP 7400 series match any of the dedicated film scanners?

Sorry if this is a real amateur question, but I am not sure where to ask.

I have a standard flatbed scanner (Nikon 110 300x600) which does ok for the
types of scan I do and OCR, but am wanting to scan 35mm transparency and
film. Normally I would have thought of adding a dedicated film scanner (such
as the HP S20, or Nikon Coolscan), but was wondering if there would be a
possibility of using the HP7400 series which have a 2400 resolution and use
a transparency adapter. I have no idea about the dynamic range or sharpness
etc in the 7400, but would very much appreciate any comments on the likely
differences between the 7400 and a reasonable (not top of the range) film

Thanks very much

Anthony Klouda


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