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Re: filmscanners: what defines this quality?

Art wrote:
>Sorry Lynn, you are several months (which in this biz is centuries) out of 
>Epson (the printer people) with Cambridge Institute (I believe this is in 
>Boston) have developed a method for using inkjet technology to spray some 
>type of transistors onto substrates, to make a color panel which uses room 
>reflective light source to create bright colored images that can be changed 
>at will electronically.  It only requires an edge
>connector to be activated.

Actually, I was 18 years ahead-of-date in 1983 and Bradbury was even more so 
in 1949--what took them so long? ;-)

Best regards--LRA

>This stuff will be so cheap to produce within a few years, and can be
>sprayed on so many different substrates, that you'll being seeing video
>"Weakies" commercials on the cereal box in the grocery store, very
>likely in YOUR lifetime (as long as you don't do anything too strenuous
>And, BTW, as mentionedm, the more expensive version of this, using LCD
>technology is already available, but is only for people like Bill Gates,
>who has just such a thing.  Smaller versions are available for the
>little people (;-0) in places like "Sharper Image" catalogues.
>Lynn Allen wrote:
>>Hi, Steve--
>>Yes, this is sort of what I was talking about, on a lesser scale--I had
>>the idea back in the 80's, Ray Bradbury had it back in the 40's. :-)
>>It's a little bit "Star Trek," but the concept is valid. Thanks for
>>passing on the web site. As of now, the technology is too expensive and
>>too limited--it still needs a breakthrough or several.
>>I knew the mother of an engineer/physicist whose field was liquid
>>crystal research. He hit so many brick walls (in the 60's & 70's) that
>>he had a nervous breakdown and eventually committed suicide. True fact.
>>Eventually, Bradbury's concept will come about, and you'll actually be
>>able to put movies of the African Veldt on the wall of your kids' room.
>>Not in my lifetime, though, and the kids will *probably* not be able to
>>turn the lions loose on their parents. ;-)
>>Best regards--Lynn Allen

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