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re: filmscanners: ACER Scanwit 2720S problem

I've never had this happen, only two thoughts come to mind.  The clips on the 
film carrier are not CLIPPED tightly, double squeeze them to make sure.

Defective.  Check the film strip holders and if those are tight, exchange it!


 >>  Hi,

 >>  I just got an ACER Scanwit 2720s last week and I see there are some
 >>  Scanwit
 >>  users here - so, thought I would ask about a problem I am having.

 >>  Using either Vuescan 7.1.3 or MiraPhoto the unit will occasionally "loose
 >>  track" of the negative carrier position. By this I mean that if I have a 4
 >>  neg strip in positions 1-4 or in positions 3-6 and select to scan one of
 >>  them I will get a different frame back - ie. selecting 4 returns 5. This
 >>  also occurs when batch scanning - ie. I will only get 3 of the 4 frames
 >>  and
 >>  a blank.

 >>  I have tried both MiraPhoto and Vuescan when this occurs and it is
 >>  repeatable in both (it happens every time) once it starts happening. I
 >>  don't
 >>  see any obvious sequence that leads to it. I somes have scanned in 10 to
 >>  15
 >>  strips with no problem.

 >>  Once the problem occurs it is repeatable 100% until I turn the Scanwit off
 >>  and back on.

 >>  I have tried both with and without a SCSI terminator.

 >>  Any suggestions before contact Tech Support? (I called tech support
 >>  yesterday and was on hold for over an hour before I gave up.)

 >>  Frank Nichols
 >>  Newbie - and proud of it!

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