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RE: filmscanners: Leaf?

There have been very little maintenance issues people have reported on the
Leafscan email group (leafscan at egroups.yahoo.com).  Only one person had
banding that I recall, that was easily cured by routine maintenance of
lubricating the lead screws.

I think for around $2k, if you get one complete with Leafset holders, latest
firmware (4.1) and in great working condition, nothing can touch it.  If you
need 4x5, then it's really the only under $7k option I would say.  If your
max is 120, then you really might want to look at the new Nikon and/or

They have their upsides...4x5, 5080DPI for 35mm and have their
downsides...slower than more modern scanners for color (three pass color)
...but certainly comparable for B&W, probably require some level of
servicing soon enough.  It is an older unit, though designed and built quite
well.  The Leaf software is quite good, and for me, has virtually every
feature I need to get excellent scans...but lacks preview rotation and on
Windows, only supports 8.3 filenames.  Neither has been a real problem.  It
does have some level of color "management" via gamma settings you can change
in the .ini file (Windows), and that works quite well actually, at least for

One advantage I see the Leaf has specifically for B&W is it scans B&W with a
neutral density filter, and most all other scanners scan B&W using RGB and
do a conversion.  I believe the single ND filter gives better B&W scans, but
I have yet to actually run any test to verify my speculation.

If you're somewhat technically oriented, it's a great scanner.  If you're
not...I'd recommend not considering one.

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> Subject: filmscanners: Leaf?
> Leaf scanners occasionally turn up on Ebay for a reasonable
> price.  What's with
> them?  Are they a good deal or a maintenance nightmare?
> Rich


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