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RE: filmscanners: Digital Shortcomings

For the life of me, I fail to understand why Walter Bushell would post a
message to the list repeating what Karl and Tony said on the list already
without making any further contribution.  Did Mr Bushell forget to put in
his own comments and response?  That would be the only explanation I can
think of; or am I missing something.

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Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 9:11 AM
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Subject: Re: filmscanners: Digital Shortcomings

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Tony Sleep wrote:

> On Sun, 24 Jun 2001 01:15:00 -0700  Karl Schulmeisters
> (karlsch@earthlink.net) wrote:
> > Respectfully, many pros are switching to digital.
> For newspaper use it's standard now. But I was recently speaking to an AP
> photographer who was grumbling that he has to try and shoot everything
> twice now - on dig for the wire, and film for the magazine market which AP
> are now trying to muscle in on.
> Regards
> Tony Sleep
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