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filmscanners: VueScan+Silverfast+ slides

I took a  look at   Silverfast and VueScan + slide film and LS2000.
VueScan do not support my LS4000 and MacOS

I have been writing before how VueScan seems to be little flat when the 
software reads negative film compare to
Silverfast and also NikonScan.
Now  when Im doing the same test  with slides = VueScan results are much 
better and good as Silverfast regarding all parameters.
The flatness and lack of contrast are gone.
IMO it means that after some work- the negative reading can be good as with 
slides in VueScan
This means also that VueScan must  be one of the best software regarding 
price and results.
Best results did a get with VueScan and settings  color space Adobe RGB and 
gamma setting at 1.8-2.0.
I discover also that I can use VueScan on my Mac without any virtual memory 
on. And no crashes.
Conclusion: VueScan are good as Silverfast regarding slide scanning.
Silverfast are still faster in reading.
Hope to have VueScan soon to my LS4000 and MacOs.
Best wishes to  Ed Hamrick
Mikael Risedal
Lund Sweden

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