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Re: filmscanners: Best film for scanning with FS 2710

> >E200 does have really fine grain, somewhat at the expense of
> >resolution/sharpness (as compared to the ASA 100 films).
> >
> >Joel W.
>From: Herm <hermperez@worldnet.att.net>
>I cant tell, is this called accutance? or are you saying that its not as 
>as ASA100 slide films?.. in any case I use the film because it has 
>low reciprocity failure and very fine grain..excellent for the 
>that I do. Here is the FAQ on Ektachrome E200 film:

The technical publication on the site you list above indicates that E200 is 
a T-Max film, which accounts for its fine grain.  The last time I checked, 
the consumer 200 chromes weren't described as T-Max films, which is why I 
wondered whether they were really consumer versions of this film. In any 
case, that grain structure is not as inherently sharp as other types (is my 
understanding) because the grain is designed for smoothness more than 
sharpness. It isn't really a defect but an intentionality, and E200 is still 
plenty sharp.  I settled on E200 as my faster chrome because its grain is so 
smooth as compared to other 200 ASA chromes. It's just not as sharp as 
Provia F (what is?), so I thought I should mention that.  It's colors and 
tonalities are superior to Provia F for many things including portraiture 
IMO. It's a lovely film and does Kodak up proudly.

Thanks for your nice comment on my scan BTW.  Cheers,

Joel W.
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