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Re: filmscanners: LED Illumination for Film Scanners

Raphael Bustin wrote:

> On Fri, 22 Jun 2001, Julian Robinson wrote:
>> Hey let's keep this clean and vaguely accurate even if it is OT...
> Austin went just a bit over the edge with that 1000 
> hour MTBF figure.

Oh, what's a few orders of magnitude amongst engineers, anyway? ;-)

> I suppose if you figure in hard mechanical 
> shock (like in Austin's Land Rover) the 
> numbers might go down a bit.  Time to fix 
> the potholes in your driveway, Austin, 
> or get new shock absorbers for that beast.

What type of display is used in things like VCR, tape deck and microwave 
displays?  It looks like it is almost a type of gas plasma/fluorescent 
type of thing.  Many of my older devices with those type of displays now 
have considerable and uneven loss of brightness.

I sort of recall LEDs having pretty poor reliability many moons ago, 
when they were mainly seen in NASA spacecraft, those large wrist watches 
and Texas Instrument calculators, but I think 30 years has had it's 
effect upon the design, eh?



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