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RE: filmscanners: LED Illumination for Film Scanners

> > My guess is you are not an electrical engineer, or you would
> know that LEDs
> > do have a life span.  Because you haven't heard of them burning
> out, doesn't
> > mean they don't burn out.  In fact, their typical MTBF is rated for 1000
> > hours.  Incandescent light bulbs are rated for 1000 hours.  Aside from
> > having written and reviewed quite a few MTBF and MTTR studies on designs
> > that included LEDS, I recently replaced 4 of the 6 LEDs in my
> > radio/CD/Cassette in my 1989 Range Rover, so I DO know they do burn out.
> 1000 hours MTBF can't be right, Austin.

I'm only going by what the catalog says, and I didn't write it.  Stanley LED
catalog, p. 24:

"Operating Life JIS C 7035 Ta=25C, IF=Max, t=1000Hrs."

It very clearly says "1000".  The Lumex web site says their Life Test is
10,000 hours, which sounds a lot better.

Your scanner should have a cited MTBF and MTTR, what are they?


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