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filmscanners: line on Polaroid SS4000

Earlier, I had posted a "help" message regarding a line that I was
getting on my scans from the 4000.  If I scan a horizontal  slide, there
is a light colored line about one third of the way down from the top, it
goes all the way from left to right.  I called Polaroid and since the
scanner is out of warranty, it would cost $125 for an estimate and the
lady on the phone said it might end up costing a total of $500-600 to
fix. I only use the machine perhaps 3 times a week, so it is not
something that is critical to my work. Thanks to Paul Chefurka and his
suggestion to see if the line was one pixel wide, I found my own
solution.  I just don't feel at this point that I want to spend almost
half the price of the scanner to have it repaired. In Photoshop, I
enlarged the image on the monitor to about 1000 per cent. At this
magnification, you are able to see the individual "lines"  of pixels. I
selected the line above the light scan line I got and then copied it,
and then with the move tool, moved it over the line caused by the
scanner, and it works perfect, you can not tell it is there. It took all
of maybe 2 minutes to do. I guess this could also be  a good fix for a
scratch that went from side to side.

John Hough


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