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Re: filmscanners: what defines this quality?

Yes, and we use the Never Twice the Same Color system also.

That's the moon a long time ago we used to go there.

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, B.Rumary wrote:

> In <B75592CC.2A81%soho@eircom.net>, Richard wrote:
> > I seem to remember watching American Football for the first time in the UK
> > some time back and thinking how fantastic the image quality was. I then
> > found out that its shot on film. Is this still the case?
> >
> TV series used to be shot on 35mm cine film, while sports and news was done
> on 16mm, unless they had direct outside broadcast via landline. These were
> then converted to TV signals via Telecine equipment when actually
> broadcasting. However news then went over the ENG (Electronic News
> Gathering), using high quality video camcorders. Later TV studio work went
> to video, basically to save money.
> One problem with this video approach is that much of the world's output
> comes from the US, where they use the inferior NTSC system, at 525 lines.
> Europe uses the better PAL system, at 625 lines, so the video tape signal
> has to be converted, giving further loss of quality over here. This was not
> a problem with 35mm film. I remember a news report about this when the TV
> series "Dynasty" changed from film to video halfway through the run, and
> there was a noticeable loss of picture quality.
> Brian Rumary, England
> http://freespace.virgin.net/brian.rumary/homepage.htm


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