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Re: filmscanners: Magnification of light - AND brief density math lesson...

From: Austin Franklin <darkroom@ix.netcom.com>
> I'm a REAL minimalist.  I develop my own film, and make sure it has
> particulate matter on it after it is dry, and put it into ClearFile
> to keep dust off of them, then into a 3 ring SEALED notebook, and
into a
> file cabinet.  I use a filtered film drying cabinet.
> I use compressed air and blow any particulate matter off them before
> scanning.  I am anal about this, I do NOT do any dust spotting in PS
> I have NO choice.
> I use a Leafscan 45.  It has a single ND filter for scanning B&W, so
I avoid
> ALL the problems associated with scanning RGB and converting.  I
always scan
> at optical resolution of the scanner.  I set my setpoints in the
> driver, set my tonal curve in the scanner driver, and scan.  I may
make two
> or three final scans if I don't like something...but I do NO
adjustments in
> PS except image size with no interpolation.
> My scanner does 16 bit scans and applies the setpoints and tonal
curve to
> the high bit data and returns 8 bit data to me.  It really is a
> workflow...and I believe I get fantastic results.  I use no USM, nor
> other three letter acronym on my scan data.  The most I do is use
the stamp
> tool to make up for some defect, possibly a scratch, in the

Very cool workflow.  I like it.  What is your printing workflow?



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