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Re: filmscanners: Skin tones

In a message dated 6/17/2001 1:17:38 PM EST, risedal@hotmail.com writes:

> There are something else with VueScan just now if I compare VueScan to
>  NikonScan and Silverfast. Little bit flat, doll and color less.
>  I have send MR Hamrick 3 test pictures scanned by NikonScan, VueScan and 
>  Silverfast+ LS2000. Nothing more done than dragged to Photoshop and auto 
>  levels.

I think the root of the problem is that VueScan doesn't have
support for Fuji NPH 400 film.  The default settings in VueScan
are basically for Kodak Gold film, and it doesn't seem to match
the Fuji NPH characteristics very well.

You might experiment with the "Color|Restore colors" option.
One of the things this option does is try to figure out the
colors of each of the dye layers and separate out each of
the dye layers.  This often fixes problems both with films
that aren't in the VueScan film table.  However, this option
only works well at high resolutions, where it can see color
changes at the edges of dye clouds.

When the "Color|Restore colors" option is enabled, the
choice of film type in the Color tab is ignored.

The other tricky part of using this option is that is doesn't
affect the preview tab, only the scan tab, since the results
improve as the scan resolution increases.

Ed Hamrick


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