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Re: filmscanners: Magnification of light

At 06:57 AM 6/16/01, Herm wrote:

>no, not really..what they are talking about is that CCD sensors are 
>linear, they
>record what little light is in the shadows (which you can manipulate later in
>Photoshop) while film requires a minimum amount of light just to start
>recording. The response of film to light is not linear.
>Just using a CCD sensor (scanner) on a negative will not bring up what is 
>not on
>the film.

I understand that you cannot ever capture detail in scanning where none 
exists in the film.  This discussion has broadened my understanding of the 
dynamic range possibilities of CCD sensors and film.  I recognize the 
limitations of photographic printing, ink printing, etc.

My interest is in how to maximize the final viewing of this dynamic 
range.  If CCD capture in the making of the photo offers advantages, then I 
want to pursue this route.  If I can accomplish the same end result or 
better with film with scanning and post-scanning work, then this will be 
the route.

More and more I realize the limitations of all the processes that involve 
the final product being on paper.  I appreciate that so much more can be 
communicated when the final product is in transparency form or via proper 
projection of the computer-image file.  I am moving in this 
direction...with quality communication as my ultimate goal.

Fortunately, after many years of having do otherwise, I am at the stage of 
life where the I am the only person I really have to satisfy with the final 
product.  Having said this, I suspect that the final result will be the best
work that I have done in my photographic journey.

The presentation of a maximum magnitude of dynamic range in an image is my 
current goal.

Marvin Demuth


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