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RE: filmscanners: Scanner resolution (was: BWP seeks scanner)

> OK, I *know* what happens when a very good camera lens does this
> test--the
> end of the scale turns to mush. Can anyone say what happens when
> a CCD does
> this? My guess would be "noise," but I frankly don't know and I've never
> seen it done. Any comments? I'm reaching.

I guess you are talking about MTF testing?  Lenses are measured from center
to some distance from center.  What is being measured is contrast.  I'm sure
that there is some similarity with respect to the optics of the scanner
lense, but as far as general CCD resolution, that is really a different
issue.  It's not optical that we are talking about, and those lense tests
are optical.

I would CCD resolution to compare film resolution more so than to lense


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