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Re: filmscanners: Polaroid SS4000 vs Nikon ED4000 comparison test

Rick wrote:

>The tests and their results
>can be seen at http://www.samcos.com/rick/equip/scannertest/ssvsed.htm

Though these examples took several days to download (no, I'm 
exagerating--for the 9-millionth time! ;-) ), the target examples did indeed 
show observable differences in the Nikon and Polaroid scans in that the 
Nikon scan appeared sharper. This could be attributable to differences in 
the dynamic range of the two scannerss--the Nikon showed blacker blacks, 
while the Polaroid showed better separation in the more-saturated colors (on 

Unfortunately, the Grain Tests that I was most interested in showed those 
d*mned little red X's when I tried to download them. That doesn't invalidate 
the tests, it just means that I didn't get a chance to see them (could be my 
Net setup isn't all it should be?). So while Rick's tests may prove one 
point of view or the other vis a vis grain and/or aliasing, I'm sitting here 
wondering "OK? ...?"  Jury's still out, here. :-)

Best regards--LRA

PS--anybody with suggestions on how to download the pictures behind those 
red X's, let me know. I have no idea how my Internet Explorer is 
configured--I'm just using what was in the box. :-)
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