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Re: filmscanners: Scanner resolution

In scanning Pete Turner's slides for submission to Shutterbug Magazine I 
came across two that were impossible to capture the shadow detail that was 
on film. I created two sets of raw scans from my Polaroid SprintScan 4000. 
One using Polaroid Insight and the other using VueScan. I got a slight 
green cast in the shadows from Insight and a more neutral color from 
VueScan. I then rescanned the two images using the multi pass mode with 
VueScan to get the best results. But even that didn't have the shadow 
detail that was evident on viewing his slides on a light box. If I have a 
few free minutes I'll do a crop from the scans and post them on my web site 
so they can be compared. All of Pete Turners slides are dupes (the one's he 
sent me had his Image Bank catalog number) and they still had incredible 
shadow detail.


>Here is an interesting observation from Michael J. McNamara (PopPhotgraphy
>July, p58)at the conclusion of the article on their scanner tests: "...Even
>the best 4000 dpi scanners we've tested aren't capable of capturing all the
>detail found in a 35mm color original under optimum conditions (tripod,
>mirror lockup,etc). In our tests the highest res we've found in a 35mm color
>slide or negative is 77 lp/mm.  The best 4000 ppi scanner can capture about
>60 lp/mm, about 25% lower.  But that's perfect, because under normal shooting
>conditions (i.e., handheld instead of tripod mounted), 60 lp/mm is about all
>you'll ever get from an SLR."

Larry Berman




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