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filmscanners: Skin tones

I took a negative and did a test on NikonScan 3.1  VueScan 7.1 and
Silverfast 5.2.  Did a auto calibrating nothing more on SF and NS.
Yes same results as you have. VueScan looks not dead but more flat and
blue in the scan picture. Tried different settings i VueScan but the 
flatness are still there.
I will send over the pictures to Mr. Hamrikk so he can look

Mikael Risedal
Lund Sweden

Using a Nikon LS 3 with both NikonScan 3.1, and the latest version of
Vuescan I find a wide variation in skin tones under different light sources
see the images at:
The film used for both images is Kodak Portra 160 NC. Image 1 is with studio
lighting, Image 2 is with fill flash.
For printing the outdoor shot I used the Nikonscan image with Autolevels
from PS. The Vuescan image looked dead
For the Studio shot I used the Vuescan image with autolevels. The Nikonscan
image is far too yellow
note how the NikonScan is very warm compared to the cold Vuescan image.
John Bradbury

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