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filmscanners: mechanical adjustment on nikon ls-2000


my ls-2000 recently fell just a tiny bit out of mechanical calibration
causing a very short grinding noise at the end of the scan as the
scanning aparatus runs out of space to move.  this introduces a smear on
one side of the image.  i'm also worried that it's not good for the
stepper motor.

i don't want to send the scanner back to nikon for repairs.  is there a
way that i can adjust the scanning aparatus?  or maybe the problem is
with the SF-200 slide feeder that i'm using.  a glance shows the slide
perfectly centered when loaded in the SF-200.  but i still get the short

turning the scanner on/off doesn't help this as you'd expect.

i'm hoping there's some screw i can turn to make minute adjustements on
the scanning field.

j u l e s @ p o p m o n k e y . c o m


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