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filmscanners: LS-30 no index pics

This sounds to me like a software configuration error, which typically
will not be cleared by reinstalling the software. The following
instructions assume you are using Windows -- if you are using a
Macintosh things are different but the concepts are the same. Generally
speaking, a program will save setup information in a small file so that
the next time you use the program it can pick up where you left off,
with the same film type, crop size, and other settings that you used
previously. When you reinstall a program it leaves this file alone, so
you can still use the same settings as before. The problem you have
right now is that you don't like the multi-slide adaptor settings and
you want to clear them to the default (as shipped from the factory)

I am not familiar with NikonScan, so I am going to give you a couple of
things to try. First, see if there is a "Default Settings" button that
will put everything back to the as-shipped-from-factory settings. If
so, use it and see if that clears your problem.

If you do not have success with "Default Settings", or there is no such
button, NikonScan probably has a configuration file, which is usually
stored in the same directory as the program itself. 

Close NikonScan because we're going to muck a bit with its mind.

The file probably has the extension .inf, .ini, or .cnf. Take a look
and see if you find a file with one of these extensions, or anything
that suggests "information", "initialization", or "configuration" to
you. The file is usually quite small.

If you find such a file, rename it to something else -- for instance,
if the name is "nikonscan.inf" rename it to something like
"nikonscan.fni". The reason I suggest renaming it is so that if things
turn out badly you can rename it back and get back to where you are

After renaming the file start NikonScan and see whether you get the
index as you expect. If so, you're on your way, but if not we may be in
for a more dangerous way of getting to where you want -- Nikon may keep
the settings in the Registry. I hope not, and won't try to guide you
through that thicket unless you find the previous approaches are of no

Good luck,
From: schiebler <mikochan@t-online.de>
To: posting filmscanners <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Subject: filmscanners: LS-30 no index pics
Date: Thursday, June 14, 2001 3:52 AM

Hi list, after beeing a happy user of my LS-30 for a couple of weeks
now the machine developed a strange problem yesterday. Scanning single
slides with the slide mount adaptor ma-20 is no problem but something
is wrong (probably) with the strip film adaptor sa-20.
It pulls the film in ok but doesnt show index pictures on the
nikon-scan-surface. The index-button pops out
when beeing aproached with the mouse but it doesnt show any index pics.
Instead it shows only a single frame layout, but no pics and the green
arrows that should be on the right hand side of the frame are not
there. Instead there is on single green arrow just above the index-pics
I did reinstall nikon-scan 2.5.1, checked the unit for any visible
damage and so on. Everything looks ok.
Has anybody any ideas what could be wrong? We have a long weekend now
and I really dont want to turn
the scanner in for repairs but rather like to get some holiday pics on
Thank you for your help. Arno.


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