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RE: filmscanners: Hazy bleed in hi contrast blacks on LS2000

> I have posted an image which shows the bleed onto a page on our website -
> it 
> can be seen at http://www.imagequest3d.com/flaring/ 
> I have experienced the streaking that Harry describes as well - but not
> since 
> I switched from the Coolscan III to the LS 2000. 
> I will try rescanning the images when I get the time and see whether there
> has been any change - especially with multiple passes. I have come to the 
> conclusion that it is purely a result of the high contrast levels giving
> the 
> CCD problems. 
> Regards, 
> Chris 

I doubt very much that the problem is the CCD.  Instead, I expect that light
is scattering off dust or oils on the optics.  

One way to check out the scanner would be to take a completely unexposed
piece of slide film (the scraps from the end of  roll would work great) and
use a paper punch to make a clear area in the middle.  If the CCD is the
problem, you should see ghosting in one direction only around the hole.  If
the problem is contamination on the optics the haze should be uniform in all


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