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RE: filmscanners: Was New Nikon performance, now dust

At 05:08 PM 6/12/01 -0400, Dan wrote:

>What are the best color and b&w films in terms of scanning?  From what I've
>read thus far, it sounds like Kodak Supra has a slight edge for color, and
>the C41 processed films (XP2 super and T400CN) for b&w.  Are there others?
>Also, if one is planning ultimately to scan and maintain files in digital
>format (and print from there), are there any advantages left to shooting
>transparencies as opposed to negatives--given that the latter has so much
>more exposure latitude?  Or does the finer resolution of slide film still
>make this the preferred emulsion when scanning?

Fuji Reala is beautiful.  Kodak Royal Gold 100 isn't 
bad, either.  But Supra (100) is my current favorite.

rafe b.


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