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Re: filmscanners: Hazy bleed in hi contrast blacks on LS2000

That makes a lot of sense, and seems to equate to what I saw in the "stars" 
test (viz pinholes in black leader). Different scanners appear to show 
different results, but *some* haloing seems to be universal, in all the 
tests I've seen.

I'd like to be proven wrong on this one, if anyone has better answers.

Best regards--LRA

>At 5:06 am -0400 6/6/01, IQ3D@aol.com wrote:
>>using the LS2000 for some time now and have been very pleased
>>with the results. Just recently however we have put through a batch of 
>>with subjects against black backgrounds. The scans have all got a hazy 
>>round all the bright areas
>I doubt that it's flare from dust or stuff (but you could give it a
>good blast with canned air to see). I've seen this with my LS2000
>too. It happens where there are large light areas next to black. The
>best explanation that I've heard is a kind of electronic flare - CCD
>cells reaching a high enough voltage when strongly illuminated to
>induce a higher voltage in their neighbours. Being as the neighbours
>should be reporting near zero output for black even a small boost is
>significant. Maybe the processing makes it worse.
>I've found a high bit multipass scan (best with Vuescan but
>Silverfast's almost as good) & careful Photoshop the only way to fix
>David Hoffman
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