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RE: filmscanners: VueScan and Occam's Razor - OT

> > He paraphrases Sir
> > William's insight with the phrase "that the simpler the explanation, the
> > more likely it is to be correct."

>  So the Earth is flat? But simple is not simple to define. I prefer
>"Entities should not be unnecessarily introduced." I don't think the
>universe is bound by my notions of simplicity. ;^P

There is a little part left out of the first paraphrase, which if extended 
could read
"that the simpler the explanation which fits with all relevant 
observations, the more likely it is to be correct."

Unfortunately, a flat earth does not fit with many observations that can be 
made in nature.

So my preferred version...  "when trying to explain anything, choose the 
simplest possible explanation which fits all the facts".


Julian Robinson
in usually sunny, smog free Canberra, Australia


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