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filmscanners: re: Acer v. Cannon (was: which scanner for slides ?

Hi, Jerry--

You wrote:
>The Acer appears to be very large and the slide holder can be difficult to
load with plastic springs that are fragile.

That is a very "fixable" problem, accomplished with an X-Acto tool or even a
sturdy pocket-knife. My post on that should be available in the archives, or
I can re-do it for anyone interested.

So, make your decision based on your needs and the scanner that feels
"right" for you. I'm completely unfamiliar with the Canon so can't help you
out there, but there are several of us on the list who are happy with Acer,
and a website ("Photoscientia"--which I can't access at the moment, sorry).

Good luck and good scanning--LRA

------Original Message------
From: "Jerry" <jerryk1@prodigy.net>
To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Sent: June 3, 2001 7:59:09 PM GMT
Subject: Re: filmscanners: which scanner for slides ?

I received several replies with helpful information from my original email.

My choices seem to be
Acer 2740
Canon FS2710
Minolta Scan Dual

The Acer and Canon are SCSI connections and the Minolta is USB.  I think I
remember reading that slide scanners with USB sometimes cause problems.
There have also been some problems with the Minolta that I have been reading
this group.

If this is correct, I can limit my choices to the Acer or the Canon.

The Acer appears to be very large and the slide holder can be difficult to
load with
plastic springs that are fragile.  The Canon loads the slides vertically.

The Acer comes with digital ICE.

So far, I have not decided.  Maybe another round of replies will help me


This is my original email....

> > I have many color slides that I want to scan and make prints.
> > Most of the prints will be 4x6 or 5x7 with an occasional 8x10.
> >
> > The scanner that falls in my price range of $400+ is the Minolta
> > Scan Dual, but a friend of mine recommended a Nikon Coolscan,
> > but the prices of the Nikon scanners seem to start at $800.
> >
> > Recently, I have seen messages about the Canon FS2710 and the
> > Acer is also in this price range.
> >
> > Photography is my hobby and I have slides going back many years.
> > I also take slides when I travel.
> >
> > What are your suggestions for a scanner to meet my needs?
> >
> > Jerry
> > jerryk1@prodigy.net

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