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RE: filmscanners: Acquiring images with VuePrint 7.7b, Pro/32 Edition & PhotoShop

Marvin wrote:

>I tried this with the Microtek scanner.  When I acquired the image, it
brought up the Microtek software.  I was able to work with the image in
VuePrint with the Microtek software active.  I could not do this PhotoShop
5.0.  With PhotoShop, it brought up the the Microtek software, but I had to
close it in order to work with the image.

I've had a *large* amount of trouble exporting to Photoshop LE, and not just
from Vuescan. It has something to do with paths, I'm sure (which you can
find by right-clicking on the PS icon in Windows, and copying by selecting
the location/path-name and copying with Control&C or Copy). But even *that*
doesn't necessarily work.

Try setting Photoshop-LE as your default viewer. To do this, go to a
file-folder where you've stored images--the Crop files in the Vuescan folder
should do nicely. Single-click on an image icon to highlight it, then hold
down the shift key and right-click on the highlighted file. This will bring
up a Requestor Box that includes "Open With..." in it. Left-Click on that
option, which brings up another box with your applications programs in it.
Select "Photoshop LE," which will close that box. In the original requestor,
there's a selection box that reads "Always Use This Program to Open This
Type of File"--left-click to check that box. That *should* set your default
viewer to PS-LE, and the "default" setting in Vuescan's viewer selection
field should feed the "crop" directly into PS-LE.

If that doesn't work, you'll probably have to load the crop files from the
Vuescan folder, or another folder that is setable under the "Files" tab in
Vuescan...and the cut&paste method works quite well to set that path.

Best regards--LRA

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