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Re: filmscanners: Acquiring images with VuePrint 7.7b, Pro/32 Edition & PhotoShop 5.0 with a Microtek Scanner

At 10:50 PM 5/31/01, you wrote:

>VuePrint and VueScan are different and separate programs - it sounds to me
>like you have only VuePrint.  Go back to http://www.hamrick.com/vsm.html and
>download "VueScan" - if you have paid the $40 to register VuePrint then
>VueScan is already registered as well, and if you haven't then you will be
>trying VueScan as a demo.
>VuePrint is an image viewing and manipulation program and performs the same
>functions as PhotoShop and in my case PhotoPaint.  VueScan is a scanning
>program - it does *not* get images through the HP or Microtek TWAIN
>software, it is a substitute for the TWAIN software and performs the scan
>itself, and then saves the image as a .tif or .jpg image and, at your
>option, further launches the graphics program of your choice, be it VuePrint
>or PhotoShop or anything else, and opens the image in that graphics program.
>Once you download and try out VueScan you will see what I mean.
>P.S.  I'm not sure if VueScan will work with the HP but it should work with
>the Microtek per the Help file.  IMHO you will find that VueScan does a
>better job of scanning than the HP or Microtek software.
>Also, it's not my list but my understanding is that plain text should be

Maris...many, many thanks!  I have paid.  I downloaded and installed 
VueScan.  My first efforts produced no response from my Microtek SlimScan 
C6 (USB) scanner...but I may be missing a step.  I rebooted, but no 
change.  I am headed out of town, so I will not get an opportunity to work 
with it again until Monday.

I changed to text mode.  If I still need to make another change, please be 
sure and mention this to me.

I made many "C" type prints that last couple of days.  I can see many 
benefits in making the adjustments visually via the computer monitor.  I am 
looking forward to moving with dispatch to master all aspects of film 
scanning and digicam technology.  From what I have seen thus far...there is 
a place for both technologies.



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