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Re: filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: The whole frame

Rob Geraghty replied to me

> Peter wrote:
> >I am annoyed that my Nikon LS-30 can't scan a whole 35mm frame.
> Peter, is the amount lost significant?  I mean it must be to you since you're
> annoyed about it, but in my experience I can generally scan more of the
> image on the frame than has ever appeared on a photographic print.

Fair question Rob -- the amount lost is small of course. But I like to assemble
the elements of the picture within the whole frame before the exposure, and I
like the evidence of that to show in the print. For example, I still admire the
1972 book by the Magnum photographer Constantine Manos -- a wonderful set of
black and white photographs, every one printed full frame complete with black

One of my reasons for buying the Nikon scanner was to scan negatives I took
while travelling in the early '70s. Back when I took those pictures I expected
to print them full frame -- here's a little sample:

OK, I am an old fogey. (I still like my outmoded Canon F1 cameras for their
precise mechanisms and accurate viewfinders).

But I will come to terms with faking it -- I can frame tighter, re-level
horizons, re-plumb columns, and add sham black borders, even fake sprocket holes
and frame numbers.  I have already learned more about Photoshop than I ever knew
about darkroom printing....


Peter Marquis-Kyle


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