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Re: filmscanners: FS2710

I'm using a PC and only tried it on negs, I tried Vuescan many versions ago and
it was great  can't remember what version worked well but it hasn't been very
good for a few version now, I'd just given up on it and try a new version now
and again only to find it hasn't improved, thought it may have been me but sine
I seen the problem posted here a week ago I know it is not my setup.

Richard wrote:

> > Did anyone sort out whay the FS2710 was producing such a washed out scan
> > when using Vuescan?
> >
> Neville
> Not another one... I presume you are scanning negs. Colin Maddock and myself
> have been in contact discussing the same problem but Ed doesn't seem to
> think there is one.
> I recently downloaded ver7.0.24 and discovered using Default settings and
> Film Type to Negative/Generic, then apply Auto levels in PS obtained a
> pretty good scan, but in general the base scan sucks, even the raw scan is
> washed out. However the quality of slide scans have remained constant over
> the many updates.
> What OS are you running, Colin and myself are Mac based.
> --
> Regards
> Richard
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          Regards Neville...

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