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Re: filmscanners: Fast, decent (if you are lucky), low res scans

Oostrom, Jerry wrote:

> [Oostrom, Jerry]  I also phoned Acer and came in direct contact with the
> engineer. She seemed to be a Japanese, not yet speaking any dutch. Thus she
> was probably sent here to strengthen the technical staff of the service
> unit. So although my problem is not (yet) solved, I still think Acer is at
> least trying to set up a good service unit in the Netherlands.  
> Greetings,
> Jerry 

In fairness to Acer, they seem like a company trying to crack into the 
market, and that they are providing a good value product line, rugged, 
and basically well designed.  They get kudos for trying to get their 
staff trained as well.  Slide scanners are complex both mechanically and 
electronically, so it is probably not easy to get good technicians 
working on them (at minimum wage???).  Most tech repair places work on a 
flat fee for warranty repairs.  So it isn't worth it to them to spend 
too much time on any one unit.  The problem is, unlike the actual 
manufacturer, they are rarely supplied with enough replacement units to 
be able to just make a decision to trade the broken model with a new 
sealed or out of box model.

Best of luck with the repair.



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