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Re: filmscanners: Fast, decent, low res scans

Art wrote:

> This seems to be becoming a standard operating procedure in the industry,
returning the unit unrepaired. Since shipping isn't cheap (you usually have
to pay at least one way) and you are without your unit (no smug comments!)
for weeks at a time, you eventually just give up and live with the defect.

> Maybe it's cheaper than actually hiring staff to fix these things?

Seems to me that the problem falls into the common-complaint of "My Plumber
won't make house-calls!" ;-)

While Art and I might attempt levity on the subject of inadequate service
(sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying), the problem remains
serious, IMHO. I've *never* found shipping a product of any sort to a
"repair center" satisfactory (and I've done it); sometimes, not even
drop-off centers--where you look the fella straight in the eye and tell him
the problem. I once drove 55 miles to Cleveland and left my Amiga3000 at an
"authorized service center." When I brought it home 3 weeks later (total
mileage: 220 miles for 2 trips--about the cost of shipping if you don't
include time-spent), the problem was still there. When I popped off the
cover I found dust--they hadn't even opened it!

I don't think I'd get argument from anyone that a good repair-person is a
blessing and a rarity. How many cities smaller than London, New York, LA,
Hong Kong, or Tokyo have a choice of reliable camera-repair shops? St.Louis
(pop. @ 3,000,000), had ONE in 1990. Good for Nikon and Leica only--give
them a PennFT and they were befuddled! Rochester, NY? Yeah, likely!

Question is, who's training the new people to do these very complicated
repairs? Anybody? Is the Leica M-3 going to be the *next* "throw-away"
product? Sheese!

Thanks for letting me blow off steam. I apologize in advance. :-)

Best regards--LRA

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