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filmscanners: Size differences, JPEG

Here's a question for Lawrence and others who might have 1200ppi flatbed HP
scanners (or similar):

Have you noticed that JPEGed flatbed image files are considerably smaller
than the same pictures scanned with your filmscanner?

I've noticed that scans scanned from prints with HP PrecisionScan and
JPEG-compressed about 30% are about 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the same picture
with the same parameters, scanned from a neg with other programs. It's only
a curious anamoly, but it's hard to figure out just what's going on--recent
and previous discussions about "losing data" have made me wonder about it,
and I wonder if other people are seeing similar results.

I realize that the 6300's 1200ppi will produce about 44% less data than my
Acer's 2700ppi--on a "linear" count, that is. But with both pictures going
to the same size, at the same resolution, at about the same rate of
compression, I'd think the difference would be less.

The "lost data" doesn't seem to be significant at *normal* monitor
resolutions--little more than the difference one observes from one imaging
program to another.  Perhaps my "off-line flatbed" has just given me too
much time to worry, and I should be spending more time with a fishing rod in
my hands. :-)

Best regards--Lynn Allen

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