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Re: filmscanners: ICG not CGI

In a message dated 25/5/01 7:07:44 pm, peegee@btinternet.com writes:

<< Bob,

I think you mean an ICG drum scanner, (at least it is them who have the

internal oil drum with no taping), and its actually $35,000. (UK 26,000


good machine, as is the Heidelberg Primescan/Tango.



Dear Paul 

I'm sure you are right about the name. The model I saw at IPEX was UK 56,000 
plus the drums. For useful throughput it needs two Mac workstations to plug 
it into, an air conditioned room with positive pressure clean air and a few 
other expensive bits. Even at the higher price I was given the ICG 
outperforms all other scanners I saw at IPEX, including the Flextight, on its 
ability to make a return on the investment the fastest. 

The ICG did have one early problem. The centrifigal force was not quite 
enough to flatten older film against the sides of the drum. That has now been 

Unfortunately I think $26,000 is out of my budget. In fact I know it is.

Bob Croxford



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