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Re: filmscanners: What is 4,000 scanner quality like in practice.

Actually, Nikon has the Coolscan 8000, and Polaroid is now also shipping
(it's name escapes me) a medium format, 4000 dpi scanner. The Nikon has the
ASF ICE^3 suite.


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From: "Laurie Solomon" <laurie@advancenet.net>

> I believe you may be mistaken or misinformed.  The new 4000 ppi scanners
> 35mm film scanners and not medium format scanners; hence they will not
> handle 120 films
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> From: owner-filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
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> Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 4:52 PM
> To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
> Subject: filmscanners: What is 4,000 scanner quality like in practice.
> In a message dated 23/5/01 9:28:55 am, Jerry.Oostrom@Alcatel.nl writes:
> << If you ever want to use your scanner for other purposes (full res
> scanning
> etc., full quality), then you are better off with another more expensive
> scanner with ICE or FARE (dust removal algorithms), >>
> Apparently some photographers are using 4000 ppi scanners for digital
> picture submissions. The new 4000 scanners from Polaroid and Nikon which
> take
> 120 film make this an interesting proposition for me. However, I am
> concerned
> on several points and Cornwall is not the place to find these scanners in
> action.
> Dust seems to be a big concern. Just how much time is spent dust busting a
> scan? A test I did on PCD was giving me about 15 minutes work on dust
> which is far too long.
> Does ICE lose scan quality?
> Is a cheap, if you call 3,000 cheap, scanner a workable substitute for a
> drum scan?
> I can currently get 50Mb CGI drum scans at 7.50 each which are absolutely
> spotless.
> If I got a 4000 desktop scanner of my own it would need to produce about
> fully finished scans per hour to be worth considering. Is this possible
> considering the amount of time that dust busting might take?
> Yours
> Bob Croxford
> Cornwall
> England
> www.atmosphere.co.uk

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